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Flora in Akagera National Park

Flora in Akagera National Park2015-09-02T12:06:32+00:00

Akagera national park constitutes of different types of flora which act as habitat to different types of wildlife, birds and other eco-system. Among the common flora types include the, papyrus swamps; Forest fringed lakes as well as savannah plains and rolling highlands. The perfect location of Akagera national park in the convergence of different types of vegetation zones has enabled the park to have various levels of biodiversity. The vast systems of freshwater lakes plus the associated papyrus swamps, all form the biggest conserved and protected wetland in central Africa. Akagera national park is the only protected area with savannah vegetation in te land of thousand hills and this has given the park an upper hand to be the only refuge for savannah adapted plants and animals on a national scale. It complements the humid forests of Nyungwe National Park in the south of Rwanda and the afro-alpine habitats of Volcanoes National Park in the north.

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