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BirdLife in Akagera National Park

BirdLife in Akagera National Park2015-09-02T12:00:35+00:00

The famous Akagera national park is one of the popular protected areas considered to be housing the largest number of birdlife in the land of thousand hills Rwanda. Before the park areas were reduced, it used to house an estimated total of 526 bird species but currently the park boasts of over 480 bird species and these are attracted to stay in the different diverse vegetation zones which are found in Akagera Park. Different unique Savannah birds such as raptors with an estimated total of 44 birds and some endemic species are all represent in the park. Some of the species which can be found here include the African fish eagles, marabou stork in the swamp areas of the park as well as crowned cranes, cormorants and open-billed stork, herons and egrets among others.


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